Shamak Dutta

I am a PhD student in ECE at UWaterloo, working with Stephen Smith and part of the Autonomous Systems Lab. My research interests lie in controls, optimization, and machine learning with a focus on applications in robotics.

I received my bachelor's in ECE and master's in SYDE from UWaterloo. During my master's, I worked with Bryan Tripp and Graham Taylor on neuroscience and deep learning. I also had the pleasure of working with Hamid Tizhoosh and Dana Kulic during my bachelor's. I interned at Preferred Networks in Tokyo in 2018, Latent Logic (now Waymo) in Oxford in 2017, and Amazon Search in Palo Alto in 2016.

I can be reached at s7dutta at uwaterloo dot ca.


Convolutional Neural Networks Regularized by Correlated Noise. [PDF]
Shamak Dutta, Bryan Tripp, and Graham W. Taylor.
CRV 2018.

Barcodes for Medical Image Retrieval Using Autoencoded Radon Transform. [PDF]
H.R. Tizhoosh, Christopher Mitcheltree, Shujin Zu, Shamak Dutta.
ICPR 2016.


Correlated Noise in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. [PDF]
MASc Thesis, University of Waterloo. 2019.

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