Shamak Dutta

I am a PhD student in ECE at the University of Waterloo, advised by Stephen L. Smith and part of the Autonomous Systems Lab. My research interests lie in developing algorithms for sensing and control of autonomous systems under resource constraints.

I received my bachelor's with distinction in ECE and master's in SYDE from the University of Waterloo. During my master's, I worked with Bryan Tripp and Graham Taylor on understanding correlated variability in biological and artificial neural networks. I also had the pleasure of working with Hamid Tizhoosh and Dana Kulic during my bachelor's. I interned at Preferred Networks in Tokyo in 2018, Latent Logic (now Waymo) in Oxford in 2017, and Amazon Search in Palo Alto in 2016.

I can be reached at shamak dot dutta at uwaterloo dot ca.

Publications & Preprints

A Unified Approach to Optimally Solving Sensor Scheduling and Sensor Selection Problems in Kalman Filtering. [arXiv]
Shamak Dutta, Nils Wilde, and Stephen L. Smith
IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Singapore, 2023.

Approximation Algorithms for Tours in Random Fields with Guaranteed Estimation Accuracy. [arXiv]
Shamak Dutta, Nils Wilde, Pratap Tokekar, and Stephen L. Smith
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), London, UK, 2023.

Informative Path Planning in Random Fields via Mixed Integer Programming. [arXiv]
Shamak Dutta, Nils Wilde, and Stephen L. Smith
IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Cancun, Mexico, 2022.

An Improved Greedy Algorithm for Subset Selection in Linear Estimation. [PDF]
Shamak Dutta, Nils Wilde, and Stephen L. Smith
European Control Conference (ECC), London, United Kingdom, 2022.

Convolutional Neural Networks Regularized by Correlated Noise. [PDF]
Shamak Dutta, Bryan Tripp, and Graham Taylor.
Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, Toronto (CRV), Canada, 2018.

Barcodes for Medical Image Retrieval Using Autoencoded Radon Transform. [PDF]
H.R. Tizhoosh, Christopher Mitcheltree, Shujin Zu, Shamak Dutta.
International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Cancun, Mexico, 2016.


Correlated Noise in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. [PDF]
MASc Thesis, University of Waterloo. 2019.

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